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MACADAMIA MILK MATCHA LATTE // Mendal Milk, raw local honey, maldon salt.
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VEGAN BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST // spiced oat-milk coating, chocolate maple oil, sliced bananas.

A brunch recipe to try on the weekend! Our 'Nana bread is designed to become soft when warmed up! So use it to create a crispy-crusted tender on the inside french toast.

Vegan gluten-free banana bread french toast with crispy plant-based milk coating, cooked in our probiotic-rich Le Pâtissier butter. With local Quebec maple syrup, seasonal fruit.

SAFFRON PASTA // Fried shallots and herbs in cultured vegan butter.
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BAOBAB MOJITO // Moroccan mint, ginger kombucha and lime summer cocktail.

Freshest drink of the summer - Moroccan Mint & Baobab Pulp Pineapple Mojito recipe, with the optional rum.

Pineapple, fresh lime juice, Moroccan mint, ginger, bubbly green tea kombucha with the bright citrus notes of baobab - this Mojito packs the layers of flavors. Easily digested thanks to the natural friendly bacteria found in the kombucha, the digestive enxymes of the pineapple and the soothing inflammation reducing ginger. The lime and the baobab deliver a vitamin C and antioxidant kick to keep your skin plump and radiant.

VEGAN BANANA BREAD ICE CREAM SANDWICH // grilled 'Nana Bread with vanilla ice cream.
Making vegan ice cream sandwiches with the 'Nana bread is super easy because the dough doesn't dry like regular gluten-free bread! Try it with your favorite ice cream. Super easy to make. Grilling the bread is optional but it's worth it. Pan fry if no grill is available. Add some chocolate oil for fun.
CRACKER CRUMB PIE SHELL // With vegan butter, for your pies or cheesecakes.
YIELD: 1 X 9-Inch Pie Shell  TIME: 15 Minutes INGREDIENTS 1 3/4 cup of our Cracker Crumbs (coming soon)6 Tbs. of Le Pâtissier butter METHOD Mix all ingredients well by hand. The warmth of your hands will soften and temper...
BUTTERNUT ROTOLI ROSE // Rotoli di Ricotta y Zucca, stuffed squash pasta.
Ricotta and butternut squash rotoli recipe with a rich tomato sauce, spinach and stuffed with roasted butternut squash and lab ricotta cheese. The fresh pasta are stuffed and rolled, and baked to crispy edges.
WILD MUSHROOM TOAST // Swiss Chard and Macadamia Milk Ricotta.
Try this deliciously simple and plant-based wild mushroom and macadamia milk ricotta toast! Toasted, thick authentic country-style bread, sauteed wild mushrooms in olive oil, wilted Swiss chard, and macadamia milk ricotta, the toast is sure to satisfy your cravings.