BUTTERNUT ROTOLI ROSE // Rotoli di Ricotta y Zucca, stuffed squash pasta.

BUTTERNUT ROTOLI ROSE // Rotoli di Ricotta y Zucca, stuffed squash pasta.

YIELD 4-6 Servings
TIME 1 Hour


Butternut squash
Thyme (small bunch)
3 shallots
3 garlic cloves
1 large can crushed tomatoes
Ritta Ricotta
B de Culture 3tbsp
Semolina flour (durum wheat) 2 cups
150ml water
Vegan parmesan to serve


    Pre heat oven 400 F

    Halve the squash, salt and pepper to taste

    Cook for 40 mins.

    For pasta dough

    Incorporate water gradually to semolina while kneading. Slowly knead until a ball of dough is formed (about 10 mins until smooth texture is obtained). Cover dough in a cloth and let sit for 20 mins. Remove cloth and separate dough in 3. Roll dough in long ribbon like shape 4inches wide until thickness is about 2mm.

    Finely chop shallots.

    -Melt 2tbsp vegan butter at med-high heat and cook shallots, add a pinch of salt, cook until translucent, about 4mins.

    -Finely chop garlic. Add to shallots. Cook garlic for 2 minutes.

    -Add crushed tomatoes, thyme and stir.

    While the sauce is simmering, bring water to a boil and salt. Blanch spinach and keep water.

    Use the same boiling water used to blanch the spinach to cook pasta for 30 seconds, 1 ribbon at a time. Remove pasta and right away lay it on a surface so it doesn’t stick.

    When the squash is cooked, let cool for 10 mins. Scoop squash and add to a large bowl. Add a pinch of nutmeg and a pinch of salt and 2 tbsp of vegan butter. Cool for 10 mins. Crush the squash and add the ricotta. Mix.

    Spread the squash/ricotta mix on the pasta. Roll the pasta and cut in 3 inch high rotoli. Lay the rotoli in the tomato sauce dish.

    Cover and Cook the rotoli at 350F for 20mins. uncover and continue cooking for another 15 mins. Cool for 10 min. Serve with vegan parm.

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