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Offer your guests a dining experience.


The ingredient and technique focused approach to menu creation offers stimulating dining experiences by triggering discussions around sourcing, cooking and food systems in general.

- Ingredient Quality & Diversity;
- Intelligent Flavor Design;
- Cutting-Edge Culinary Techniques.

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Full Dining Experience

Food Menu: a customized food menu for your event. 

Pricing: $100-$150 per guest depending on location and menu complexity.

A higher price means more food and more flavor/dish complexity.


*** HOTELS AND RESORTS: Hotels, resorts can book a plant-based dining event to celebrate the produce of the region with sustainable gastronomy.

Using our culinary techniques, we highlight the local fruits, vegetables and spices of your location.

Culinary Station

Culinary Station: a high-end food station serving small bites and canapés (self-service or with staff explaining menu items)

Good for: large amount of standing guests; weddings, receptions, high end retail events, fundraisers, and more.

Price: $35-$60 per guest

Allows guests to sample a variety of menu items while being free to network and mingle.

Tree Nut Cheese Boards

Nut-based cheeses and crackers served with condiments including olives, candied nuts, market fruit, pickles, tapenades and more.

***Custom canapés station also available on demand.

Mignardises (Sweet Station)

Dessert creations made with real ingredients. Bold flavours and inventive culinary techniques make every creation special.

Client List —

Richard Branson, Necker Island (Caribbean)
Evenko, Montreal
YULeat, Montreal
Osheaga (VIP), Montreal
John Mackey, Whole Foods Market
Let's Bond Charity Ball, Montreal
Crown Salts, Montreal
Ogilvy, Montreal
Holt Renfrew, Montreal
Fondation Véro&Louis, Montreal
South Beach Food&Wine, Miami
Kathy Freston, Bestselling Author
Dan Buetner, Blue Zones
Les Canadiens de Montréal

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Food Galleries —

Browse the food galleries from past dining events.

Mains & Appetizers

Dishes celebrating fresh produce.


Pastry creations made with natural ingredients.

Ice Cream

Ice creams with bold flavor and indulgent texture.


Location (Events)

Pictures of the locations of the past dining events.


Fresh seasonal crops are at the center of every menu.


Snacks and small dishes for on-the-go.