Oat Chippy!

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Oat Chippy!

The best soft-baked, chocolate chip cookie. Extremely tasty, it's the cookie everyone LOVES. Sweetened with single-estate organic maple syrup from Quebec, and chocolate chips from a cacao cooperative founded by the UN and run by women.

100% Clean label, radically unprocessed organic ingredients.
Dairy, gluten, nut, peanut, soy and additive-free.

Instructions: Great with coffee or iced oatmilk latte, this chocolate chip cookie is so satisfying. It is a real replacement for an on-the-go breakfast, as it's made with whole rolled oats, almond flour and coconut oil, giving you that energy and protein to power through the morning - or the afternoon.

Ingredients: (100g per Cookie) Oat rolled whole certified gluten free*, maple syrup*, almond flour, chocolate chips* (cocoa paste, cane sugar)*, coconut flakes*, virgin coconut oil*, tapioca*, arrowroot*, vanilla extract, alum. free baking powder, sea salt. Contains: Nuts (Almonds) (*Bio./*Organic)

Keeps: 3 weeks refrigerated. 100% Freezer-friendly, keeps up to 12 months.

Quantity: Giant Cookie (100g), Box of Cookies (12X100g)

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