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      Solar Raw Food bridges the gap between farm fresh and fresh food lovers by making it especially easy for people who want to enjoy one of the world’s healthiest superfoods!

      With 20 years of combined experience in vegan and raw food preparation along with superfood distribution, they created incomparable kale chips. Their commitment to never compromise ingredient quality, nutrition and taste is what has made Solar Raw Food Canada’s favourite kale chips!

      Our mission is to share our love of fresh, healthy foods – in particular, foods that stand above the rest for their superior nutrition – and to prepare them with minimal impact on the planet.

      We do this by growing our own fresh organic kale on the family farm, right here in Canada. We power our kale kitchen with solar energy to gently air dry (not bake or fry) all the fresh simple ingredients, hence the name Solar Raw Food.

      From the start, Solar Raw Food has been demonstrating that sustainable agriculture can be both economically and environmentally beneficial by using the most cutting edge and efficient technology in conjunction with loving and time honoured traditions in food preparation.

      Looking forward, we are excited to be getting our farm organically certified by Ecocert Canada in early 2013 so that we may also add this certification to our organic kale chips. Additionally, we strive to keep expanding our offerings to help satisfy the growing demand as many people are realizing the benefits of eating healthy organic foods.

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