Necker Island, BVI Caribbean

necker island bvi caribbean

Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Innovative culinary techniques and tropical ingredients picked at peak freshness to create unexpected and delicious small plates, mains, desserts, and a special selection of island-grown-coconut-based vegan ice creams; for a holiday family meal on Necker.



"Just want to reverberate - fantastic job today Chloé!"
Necker Island Senior Sous-Chef


"Thanks for lunch. Food was amazing chloe!"
Sam Branson


"Fantastic food. Loved the lightness of the food. Necker Island should have more regular options like Chloé's lunch"
Jos, Branson Family Member


"Delicious food!"
Richard Branson


Necker Island, British Virgin Islands - Caribbean

Customer: Richard Branson, Virgin Group

richard branson bvi