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Dirty Greens.

Chloé Robi sustainable baked goods dowtown Montreal.

A selection of our cookies, banana bread and snacks is available at the Dirty Greens counter located in the upscale food court of Place Ville Marie in Montreal.

Go taste our delicious sustainable baked goods in the Cathcart, under the impressive skylight.


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Chloé robi | Sustainable gastronomy

Chloé's Desserts


Raw chocolate cookie

Midnight Salt

Guten-Free Vegan Banana Bread

'Nana Bread


Chocolah ! Raw Cocochips

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Chloe..sorry for the late reply!! I just got home from work I LOVED it all..but especially the peanut butter cookie..the BEST cookie ever..didnt make me feel heavy and sick. (...) Excellent quality.

Heidi N.

The best in the game. The banana bread is so delicious I can't believe it is vegan or gluten free. This is next-level vegan baking, Chloe really knows how to create sophisticated recipes.

Claudio C.

The Explosive Peanut Cookie

Peanut Peanut

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Peanut Peanut packs the protein.

Our Peanut Peanut cookis is an explosion of flavours and textures with 7.5 g of protein exclusively from whole food plant-based ingredients ZERO concentrated powders.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oat Chippy!

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A chocolate chip cookie with 4.5 g of plant-based protein 100% from real food ingredients, with zero processed or concentrated protein powders.

Rich in fiber and protein, the Oat Chippy! satisfies your hunger and packs an energizing punch. Wholesome and nutritious, our Oat Chippy! is a crowd-pleaser.

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