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La Peau Skincare, Montreal (Canada)

"The best chef ever! Oh my God... I just went to a Bridal Shower in Montreal and Chloe was the highlight of the evening! She prepared so many amazing dishes all healthy and yummy... I would certainly recommend and use her services!"

Carla-Maria Khanjian, CEO and Owner La Peau Skincare

Tortola, (Caribbean)

"Avocado ice cream is the best raw vegan ice cream I've tasted. And the soursop ice cream is out of this world. (...) chloé, you have a gift, the most incredible raw food I have tasted. Your palate is absolutely gifted."

John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market

"The parsley pasta and porcini and plant-based ricotta stuffed tortellini was my favorite dish of the menu."

COO, Candle 79 NYC

"Nut cheese is fantastic... I never thought I would say that." 

Boat Captain

À Volonté, Montreal (Canada)

"Chloé is a taste genius. Her passion for food is contagious and she brings plant-based gourmet dining to the next level! She's an excellent teacher and she'll walk you through every step of the way with the most generous and open heart.

Her whole philosophy on food and nourishment is refreshing and revolutionary. You don't want to miss the opportunity to learn from her."

By Anne-Marie ArchambaultÀ Volonté

Eustatia Island, BVI (Caribbean)

"Thanks Chloé. You are amazing! Tonight's food was fantastical, thank you so much again for coming all that way - glad it was well received by the [Page] family too."

Eustatia Team, Private dinner for Larry Page and his family, Larry Page is the Co-Founder of Google and CEO of Alphabet

Necker Island, BVI (Caribbean)

"Delicious food!" Sir Richard Branson, CEO and Founder of Virgin Group

"Just want to reverberate- fantastic job today Chloé!"
Necker Island Senior Sous Chef

"Thanks for lunch. Food was amazing!" Sam Branson

"Fantastic food. Loved the lightness of the food. Necker Island should have more regular options like Chloe's lunch"

JoshBranson Family Member

Private Villa, Tortola BVI (Caribbean)

"At Christmas this year, Chloé and her team did an amazing meal for me for two guests who really know food: Dan Buettner of Blue Zones fame and Kathy Freston, author of five best-sellers on wellness and veganism - and they were so blown that food like [these] creations was being done here! I've been here 25 years, and it is great to see this happening....P.S. get some of her veggie avocado ice cream, like eating silk flavored with nectar."

Host of a private dining eventPrivate Villa

Kathy Freston, NYT Bestselling Author

It was so amazing to try your kimchi in pastry rolls over the Christmas holidays; so delectable! Amazing what Chef Chloé can do with foods that are grown in the ground and on much is possible when one is creative and committed!"

"The avocado ice cream is amazing!"

Kathy FrestonVegan(ish) Superstar, NYT Bestselling Author

Dan Buettner, Blue Zones

"Magical plant slant creations like fennel sunflower crackers, avocado ice cream and truffle-cashew butter."

Dan Buettner, Founder and CEO of Blue Zones

Yogabloom, Tremblant (Canada)

"We had a great time at this Nut to Cheese class. Each cheese was delightful. The presentation and teaching were organized, clear and precise. We even got a starter kit and recipe book so we can actually prepare some of these SIMPLE recipes for the holidays. I had the privilege of attending chloé's class at Studio Vie this weekend and it was fantastic.

Look forward to another opportunity to learn more about creating healthy culinary delights. Thanks for taking the time to come to Tremblant!

Angi from Yogabloom in Tremblant

Marché Bleuet, St Henri Montreal (Canada)

"Chloe Robillard, famous Montreal raw food chef and creative epicurean. Everything you ever dreamed of knowing about today's top Superfoods."

Read the interview for the Marché Bleuet blog, linked to a special event they hosted on educating yourself on a list of 10 Superfoods.

Read the Interview by Heather from Marché Bleuet

Studio Vie, NDG Montreal (Canada)

"Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Lunch Box Genius Workshop and to Chloe Robillard who created colorful and yummy tasting recipes shown today.

t was a great success with delicious whole foods and new recipes for our lunches for adults and kids alike."

Jana, Founder of Studio Vie

Food & Wine, Wynwood Miami (USA)

"Vision Earth Channel and Living Food Films dropped in on the only Vegetarian event held at the recent South Beach Food and Wine Festival. The venue for the elegant plant-based and meatless dinner, The Space Miami in Wynwood Miami."

A dinning event during the Food and Wine Festival in Miami. See pictures of the event.

Crudessence, Montreal (Canada)

"Recently, a talented chef named Chloé Robillard returned to Montreal after completing a series of Cuisine Courses in California. Deltasco is proud to congratulate Crudessence on its opening of a new location at Atwater Market, where Chloé will be operating as manager and head chef."

Opening of the Atwater location of Crudessence

Garden Eats, Los Angeles (USA)

"The lovely and creative, Chloé Robillard was sweet enough to share her raw nori crisp recipe with us so we could bring it to you."

Garden Eats is a blog curated by the wonderful Christine Dionese. It discusses sustainable living, food therapy and edible landscaping. Chloé’s Crisps & Chrissy’s Craft Cocktails.