Almond Fennel (fennel seed + lemon + almond)

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Our Fennel Seed gluten-free crackers celebrate the delicate and fresh flavour of fennel seeds, enhanced by the European-sourced almonds (sustainability), freshly-squeezed lemon juice and green zucchini. Nutrient-dense and packed with flavour, made with 100% whole food plant-based ingredients.

Great for crostini, top our Fennel Seed crackers with cheese, grilled vegetables and serve them with legume soups, vegetable soups, patés, cherry tomatoes or salads. 

Free or dairy, eggs, gums, binders, vegetable oils, grains and/or gluten.
100% Powered by plants. Paleo-friendly.

Delicious with our plant-based cheeses or to accompany salads. 
Crumble the crackers and use them as a topping on soup or pasta dishes.
Ground whole almonds, flax seeds*, zucchini, fennel seeds*, non-GMO vitamin B enriched nutritional yeast, fresh lemon juice*, extra virgin olive oil*, and pink Himalayan salt. (*Organic)  Contains nuts.
[Standard Size - 230g/14 Units]  [Value Pack - 690g/42 Units]