Almond Fennel

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Almond Fennel

Delicious crackers made from nonpareil almonds, fennel seeds, lemon, and zucchini. Contain no grains or starches, they are a great snack. Enjoy them with your favourite dip, cheese, hummus, salad or even just avocado!

100% Clean label, radically unprocessed organic ingredients.
Contains no dairy, gluten, peanut, soy or additives.

Instructions: Great with your favourite dip, hummus, salad, avocado, soup or cheese!

Ingredients: (100g per Cookie) Almond*, flaxseed*, zucchini, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil*, nutritional yeast, sea salt. (*Certified Organic Ingredients)

Keeps: 24 months refrigerated. Pantry-friendly keeps up to 12 months in your pantry. Keep in a cool and dry area. TO PRESERVE CRISPINESS, CLOSE BAG WELL.

Quantity: Big Bag (1X120g), Box of Bags (10X120g)

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