'Nana Bread (gluten-free banana bread)

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A delicious and energizing banana bread, made with whole almond flour, local maple syrup and Quebec-grown, organic oats. 'Nana bread has an amazing flavour because we use perfectly ripe, freshly-peeled bananas, not frozen, and our oat milk butter, not cheap vegetable oils.
Vegan and locally made in Montreal.

Tasty Ideas

Frankly, this banana bread is delicious on its own. Then again, top it with some raspberry jam and nut butter and you're into blissfulness.


Bananas, almonds, oat*, rice flour, tapioca*, coconut oil*, water, raw coconut sugar*, Quebec maple syrup, aluminum-free baking powder, vanilla, apple cider vinegar, salt, and nutmeg. (*Organic)
Contains nuts.

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