Nori Cendré

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Semi-soft, aged, cold-pressed macadamia milk cheese, with a black sesame and cumin ash line. Ripened at controlled temperature and humidity with our proprietary blend of cultures, to develop flavor depth and complexity.

100% Powered by plants. Proprietary cheese culture blends.

Ingredients: macadamia, cashew, cacao butter, water, cendré (nori, black sesame, cumin spices), cultures, salt.

Keeps: Once opened: 14 days in the fridge. Frozen: can be frozen for 2 months. Thaw overnight to consume the next day.

Chloé Robi dairy-free cheeses are designed and made combining traditional European cheese-making know-how combined with proprietary culinary techniques adapted to plant ingredients, developed in our Sustainable Gastronomy Lab. Aged nut-based cheeses go through a controlled ripening period to develop flavor depth and complexity.

Packaging made of 70% recycled material.