Sun Sol Cocochips

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Sun Sol

Earthy turmeric root, freshly ground floral cardamom seeds, ripe bananas, and the natural sweetness of organic, whole coconut pieces make these coconut chips.

Gourmet certified organic delicious coconut chips. Smartly sweetened with local wildflower honey. Real spices and superfoods, for a flavourful, long finish in the mouth. Individual snack-size packagings for easy, on-the-go, energizing and nutritious snack.

Certified Organic, Gluten-Free and Tree Nut Free

INGREDIENTS: unprocessed whole coconut*, turmeric powder*, cardamom, banana, local honey, vanilla, fleur de sel. (*Organic)

SHELF LIFE Keeps for 6 months (dehydrated food as opposed to baked, preserving the nutrition and the flavour profile intact).

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