What is sustainable gastronomy?


By using ingredients with small ecological footprints, applying our flavor design skill and know-how, and transforming raw, unadulterated plants into inventive culinary creations with proprietary techniques, our lab elevates sustainability and gastronomy as one.


Sustainability is to sustain ecological balance over time. It means you assess if certain practices are sustaining or depleting natural resources. To understand sustainability, environmental, social and economical impacts must be measured and compared.

Food System

In food, sustainability is measured in various areas including ingredients, production, distribution and waste-management.

Rigorous Sourcing: sourcing ingredients with small carbon footprints, small-scale operations for specialty foods, seasonal by region.

Ingredient-Forward: celebrating real ingredients engages discussions around food production, preparation and consumption; bringing awareness to make educated choices.

Food Diversity: food diversity strengthens food systems; by not depending on singular crops, food systems are more resilient to production or distribution problems. If we have more diverse food supplies, a suddenly unavailable or sick crop doesn't impact food security and provisioning as severely.

Health: a primarily plant-based diet can benefit your health.



Sustainable Gastronomy
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