Chloe stages dining events and develops innovative food products for customers. Her culinary style combines inventive culinary techniques, intelligent flavor design and sustainable ingredient sourcing.

After receiving a scholarship and graduating from culinary school in California, Chloe worked at plant-based fine dining restaurants as well as upscale food pop-ups in Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, and at the 2017 Osheaga Music Festival (VIP Artist World) in Montreal, Canada. She briefly established and managed a restaurant in her hometown, Montreal, before going back to Los Angeles as a resident teacher in a plant-based culinary school.

Chloé, you have a gift, the most incredible raw food I have tasted. Your palate is absolutely excellent. You are on the cutting-edge.
— John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market

Chloe supported plant-based gastronomy in Wynwood Miami, during the South Beach Food & Wine Festival (SOBE F&W 2014) as well as private supper clubs celebrating seasonal and local ingredients in Hollywood and Santa Monica, before moving to the Caribbean.

In the British Virgin Islands, Chloé staged dining events in private villas, resorts and on yachts enhancing tropical crops with her distinct culinary style. Amongst these events, she visited Necker Island. Each event highlights produce; fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices sourced from local and regional farms in Tortola, Dominica and Grenada. The Caribbean influenced her food.

Client List —

Richard Branson
Necker Island, Caribbean
John Mackey, Whole Foods Market
Let's Bond Charity Ball, Montreal
Crown Salts, Montreal
Ogilvy, Montreal
Holt Renfrew, Montreal
Evenko, Montreal
Osheaga (VIP), Montreal
South Beach Food & Wine Festival, Miami
Kathy Freston, Bestselling Author
Dan Buetner, Blue Zones Author
Les Canadiens de Montréal



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