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Sustainable Gastronomy

Chloe Robi designs innovative, pleasure-based food products
elevating nature to its most flavourful performance.


Discover The Lab Cheeses

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The fresh pressed nut milk and seed milk cheeses are premium non-dairy cheese products.

Made using traditional cheese-making techniques in strictly monitored environnement, Chloe Robi cheeses are unique fermented products.

I absolutely loved everything in my order. The Nori Cendre was a revelation!
— Pamela, Customer


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Nori Cendré

The bestseller; semi-soft cheese aged in a nori leaf with a black sesame and cumin ash line.

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Order online and pick-up at Marché Jean-Talon the following weekend*.

*Order cut-off time every week is Wednesday at midnight EST for the following weekend pick-up

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Nut or Seed Milk Cheese

The Chloe Robi Lab manufactures cheeses from various nut and seed milks by combining traditional cheese-making techniques with researched fermentation methods adapted to plant-based ingredients.

At the lab, fresh pressed nut and seed milk is the base of all the cheeses. After culturing the milk, the fermentation and ripening period is strictly monitored to develop flavor depth and complexity.

Each Chloe Robi cheese has its own unique family of microorganisms and assigned culturing process, creating distinctive tasting notes, textures, melting and cooking properties and more.

Cracker & Crisp

At the lab, the crackers and crisps are more than a vehicle for your favourite nut-milk cheese or dip.

The crackers are made with diverse ingredients - from almond flour, to hazelnut flour to black heirloom rye flour - and with diverse spices - fennel seed, coriander seed, cumin, rosemary and more.

Conveniently sold in single portion, 100% compostable corn-based bags #NoPlastic, you can carry them anywhere as a snack.

Complement the nut-milk cheese at your dinner party, or eat as a snack.

Pastry & Sweet Confections

Explosive dessert creations with bold flavour and plant-powered ingredients.

The Beet Pillow

Our most popular dessert. Beet fondant, chocolate oil, fleur de sel, candied cacao beans sourced ethically and packed in an explosive decadent bite.

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