Nori Cendré

Aged macadamia milk cheese with black sesame ash line.
Dairy-free Ricotta Cheese

Ritta Ricotta

Italian cheese-making techniques adapted to plant-based ingredients.
Culinary-driven & Plant-based

Sustainable gastronomy

Dairy-free butter, milk, cheese, crackers and gluten-free cookies.
Radically Minimal Ingredients

Cultured vegan butter.

1:1 Culinary performance. Probiotic-Rich.

Mmm peanut
butter cookies.

Try our popular peanut butter cookie.


100% Powered by Plants · Made in Montréal

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Gluten free & 100% Vegan
The perfect banana bread.
Made with local, Quebec farmed certified organic oats that we grind into our own flour. Fresh bananas, and almond flour for protein. Real flavours from real ingredients.
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A thick slice.
Probiotic-rich butter.
It all starts with quality butter. Maybe you want to bake with it. Maybe you want to cook with it. Whatever it is, don't change your recipes, it's 1:1 substitution ratio.
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Probiotic Rich
Plant-based milk
Intelligent, and radically minimal ingredients.
Our cold-pressed macadamia almond milk has the right balance of fats, protein (7g) with radically minimal clean ingredients. A mild flavor, just as milk should taste.
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Intelligent Plant Milk

Plant-based butter

Cultured and probiotic-rich.

Our vegan butter is made with milk, not oil. Radically minimal and clean ingredients. 1:1 In all your recipes.

Cook with Vegan Butter

The Nori Cendré

Aged macadamia milk cheese.

Our Nori Cendré is traditionally cultured with our proprietary culture blends. Aged for a few weeks to develop complex flavours.

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Rigorous Sourcing
Extreme fine-milled.
Our matcha powder is extremely fine milled and delicate textured, with a bold green tea flavour for use in lattes, baking and ice cream. Kept refrigerated in stock.
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Culinary Grade Ingredients
Superfood Coco chips
Chocolate & Fleur de Sel
Our popular chocolate coconut chips are sure to satisfy your cravings. Slightly energizing because of the raw cacao, they help you focus at work or maximize your workout. Great for a crowd-pleasing gift.
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Raw Living Food
Raw Vegan Crackers
EU Almonds & Fennel Seeds
The dehydrated crackers are never baked to preserve the enzymes and nutrients. Made with cold-pressed lemon juice, whole fennel seeds and almonds. Great for cheese platters, or with salads and soups. Paleo-friendly & source of protein.
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Paleo-Friendly Cracker


I LOVED it all..but especially the peanut butter cookie..the BEST cookie ever..didnt make me feel heavy and sick.

Yet the 3 things i bought sustained me until now! Excellent quality.

Heidi N.

Best gluten-free banana bread in the game.

Owners of Arthurs Nosh Bar, Montreal

The best chef ever! Oh my God... I just went to a Bridal Shower in Montreal and Chloe was the highlight of the evening! She prepared so many amazing dishes all healthy and yummy... I would certainly recommend and use her services!

Carla, Owner of La Peau Skincare

Fantastic food. Loved the lightness of the food. Necker Island should have more regular options like Chloe's lunch.

Josh, Necker Island Private Dining Event

So delicious. I am obsessed with the kelp noodles and the fairy cake. It was so perfect. I also really enjoyed all the veggies and your cookies as usual.

Thanks so much for taking our last minute order and the extra cookies you included :)

I look forward to using you again the next time we have a party or for a corporate event.

Sarah K.

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Vegan living foods crackers.
Made with fennel seeds, whole almonds, and B-vitamin rich nutritional yeast flakes. Delicious with cheese platters, salads and soups. Gluten-Free. Vegan.
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